I studied Economics in UC Berkeley, but I picked up programming on the side as I got interested in Bitcoin. With the help from @Jimmy Song, @Murch, and my mentors and friends at Blockchain@Berkeley, I landed my current job - software engineer at BitGo's blockchain team.

My hobbies are singing, learning German, and working out. You may find me stuttering at the German Stammtisch in Mountain View. I also believe in improving the world with one bitcoin Pull Request at a time :)



Below are links (click logos) to some of my work:

I am a software engineer at BitGo

I finally got started contributing to Bitcoin in March 2020 thanks to

the support of fellow bitcoiner mentors (Amiti, John N, Marco, and many more!) :heart:

While I was in Berkeley, I had the good fortune to co-teach a MOOC on Bitcoin

Sometimes I tweet. DM me if you would like to discuss ideas.